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Workshop 1 - Practical Nematology (2 days)

Presented by Dr Mike Hodda (CSIRO) and Dr Kerrie Davies (University of Adelaide) at Waite campus

Monday September 3 & Tuesday 4th September, $400 (lunch provided and bus transfers)

The workshop will present skills and information on nematode ecology and physiology, sampling, extraction, specimen preparation, slide mounting, and identification. The workshop is designed as a laboratory-based, hands-on course supported by lectures and discussion.

Workshop 2 - Experimental Design of Field and Controlled Experiments with R (1 day) CANCELLED

Presented by SAGI (Statistics for the Grains Industry) at Wine Centre or SARDI, Waite Campus

Monday September 3, $200 (lunch provided and bus transfers if held at SARDI) (max. 12 participants).

The workshop will present the principles of designs of comparative experiments in controlled or field environments. We discuss various types of efficiency and robustness of designs and how to target designs to benefit particular treatment comparisons. Design solutions in R packages are presented and applied in the context of soil science research. The workshop is supported with a pre-workshop introduction webinar for those novice to R (one week prior to the workshop) extra $60.

Workshop 3 - Designs of Field Sampling in Agricultural Field Trials with R (1 day)

Presented by SAGI at Wine centre or SARDI, Waite Campus

Tuesday September 4, $200 (lunch provided and bus transfers if held at SARDI) (max 12 participants.)

The workshop will present the principles of design-based sampling for estimating characteristics of a physical unit of choice (e.g. plant, pot, plot). We discuss probability-based sampling of various designs, including simple random sample, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, composite sampling and rank set sampling by using examples from soil science research. Finally, sampling-experimental design solutions are shown that relate sampling design for data collection with experimental design of field and pot trials.

Workshop 4 - PREDICTA B for researchers and practitioners (1 day)

Presented by Dr. Alan McKay at SARDI, Waite Campus

Tuesday September 4, $200 (including a hard copy of the latest resource manual and an AccurCore soil sampler; lunch bus transfers provided)

The PREDICTA B Root Disease Management course has been designed to accredit consultants to deliver the PREDICTA B (DNA based soil testing service) to their clients. PREDICTA B is also a powerful research tool to assess treatment effects on soil borne pathogens. The workshop will be modified slightly to cater more for researchers who want to use the technology to assess field experiments. The course will be delivered by SARDI researchers who developed PREDICTA B and other leading researchers investigating soilborne diseases in Australia. Course attendees have the option to receive a PREDICTA B soil corer and a hard copy of the consultant soil-borne disease manual.

Workshop 5 - Discovery of actinobacteria (1 day)

Presented by Prof. Chris Franco at Flinders University, Bedford Park

Tuesday September 4, $50 (lunch and transfers not provided. Information on transport options will be posted to the website at a later date. )

The workshop will discuss principles and methods involved in (i) isolation of actinobacteria from different soil types, (ii) surface sterilisation for the isolation of endophytes from annual and perennial plants, (iii) culture-based and culture-independent characterization techniques, (iv) assays for functional attributes, including in planta screening and (v) seed treatments and compatibility with farm management practices.

Post Conference Field Trip

Saturday 8th September 2018 08:30-17:00

Buses will depart from the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, 55 Frome Street, Adelaide. See location map here.

A post conference tour is planned to visit field trials at Pinery north of Adelaide investigating control of Pratylenchus nematodes and Rhizoctonia on field crops (cereals, lentils, chickpeas). Then over to the world renowned Barossa Valley wine region for lunch of local produce and wine tasting at some of over 15 wineries in the area.

Cost: $150. Includes transfers and lunch.

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